Healthcare Training Center


EnVaNa Healthcare Training Center recognizes the importance of healthcare workers to promote healthiness and well being to an individual. 

EnVaNa Healthcare Training Center offers Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program, Phlebotomy Technician Program, EKG/ECG or Electrocardiogram Technician and Pharmacy Technician Program. It has met all applicable requirements under the rules, regulations and supervision of the Illinois Board of Higher Education, division of Private Business and Vocational Schools.


EnVaNa Healthcare Training Center promises to deliver the utmost services to the students with ethical values, respect and dignity. The Training Center also promises that every graduate will gain self-confidence and pride with the full knowledge about the course.

Our Philosophy
The learning process never ends; it is just the beginning that opens up a new door. A well trained and enthusiastic individual holds a great commitment within them to prosper and become successful with their career. Knowledge is power. Power and perseverance conquer all things.

Our Objective
To increase the number of well trained and dedicated individuals in the field of Healthcare through our principles of learning. Each student will achieve a precise knowledge and skills by the time of the program course completion

Our Mission
To provide an excellent training course that will produce a highly competent individual not only with the knowledge they have earned but also increasing self esteem, moral values, and dignity.

Approved by
Illinois Board of Higher Education
Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools
1 N. State Capitol Plaza, Suite 333, Springfield, IL 62701 

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 4:30pm to 8:30pm
Phone: 630-269-7431 

EnVaNa HealthCare Training Center, Schools  Business & Vocational, Naperville, IL

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